Whether at home or travelling, with babies it is always best to be equipped with everything you need for a quick diaper change or freshening up.

Children's skin is very delicate, easily reddened and irritable. That's why our Baby Wipes are soaked in a lotion made up of 98% pure water ensuring gentle and effective cleansing with maximum tolerability for baby's delicate skin.
The fragrance is very delicate, of talcum powder with oriental floral notes, creating a fresh sensation of cleanliness and well-being.

Skin tolerability has been clinically tested under dermatological and paediatric supervision by the Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Therapeutics of the University of Pavia. Our wipes contain no alcohol, PEG, silicones or irritants, to protect the delicacy of the most sensitive skin.

To ensure that they can always be carried in your bag without sacrificing freshness, all packs are equipped with a pop-up lid that guarantees the freshness of the wipes for a long time. In addition, the new maxi-thick fabric with a ' honeycomb’ texture offers greater softness and absorbency, ensuring hygiene and comfort not only for nappy changing, but for face and hand washing too.