Removing make-up and cleansing the skin of the face at the end of the day is a very important habit. The energy and radiance of the skin of the face are restored at night, so the beauty rituals we perform before going to bed are essential to ensure a healthy, well-cared-for complexion.

Removing make-up before going to bed removes impurities and bacteria that settle on the face during the day, keeping the skin clean and preventing pimples, blackheads, enlarged pores and blemishes.
The skin carries out numerous regenerative processes while we sleep, such as collagen production, self-repair and elimination of pollution and waste products that accumulate during the day, especially in big cities, preventing premature ageing and the appearance of spots, wrinkles and blemishes and keeping the skin’s natural defences active.

But how to remove make-up, and with which products?

Whether you have oily, problematic, sensitive or reactive skin, it is essential to take care of it by ensuring that it is cleansed of everything that settles on it during the day. The best way to remove make-up is to use make-up remover and cleansing lotion, starting with the eyes, but you don't always have time for such thorough cleansing of the face. Learning to remove make-up correctly, however, is just as important as caring for your skin every day with creams, serums, cleansers, oils and toners.

On the eyes, for example, where make-up is usually heavier and mascara is harder to remove, gently massage the eyes with a cotton pad soaked in make-up remover until all make-up is removed.
On the face, on the other hand, you can use convenient make-up remover wipes chosen to suit your skin type. I

n just one step you have a soft fabric tissue soaked in make-up removal solution and ready to use, removing all make-up from your face in thirty seconds or less. Wipes can conveniently be carried with you wherever you go, taking up minimal space.
This way, you can benefit from deep cleansing and removal of all make-up residues practically, conveniently and quickly... wherever you go!