A refreshing shower is the perfect way to restore body and mind after a training session or a busy day. However, this is not always possible. With so many commitments, appointments and errands to run, time for the gym and personal care is often relegated to a 60-minute lunch break, and there isn’t always time to follow up with a reinvigorating, cleansing shower.

That's why we came up with a wet wipe for daily body hygiene in the absence of water. These are Personal Care wipes, designed specifically to ensure hygiene and cleansing for the whole body quickly and easily.

They are made of a special extra-thick, ultra-soft and resistant fabric with a physiological pH. They contain no alcohol, and their skin tolerability has been clinically tested under the supervision of the Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Therapeutics of the University of Pavia.

Extremely practical and useful in any situation, they require no rinsing after use, and can be used at room temperature or heated in a microwave oven (30" at 600 watts) for added comfort.

Moreover, our Personal Care Wipes can be a valuable aid in the hygiene and cleansing of older people who find it difficult or even impossible to shower. Their cleansing and soothing action leaves the skin soft and helps prevent redness, contributing to the psychological and physical well-being of people who are no longer self-sufficient or have mobility issues.